nav Tatra
This was 18 years ago north of Leeds. The Body Shell of the Keighley Car was stored in a huge derilict Mill also used by dodgy Car Dealers. Perhaps one that got away!(first effort in Photoshop!) Perhaps Mr. Bonds alternative transport. Tatra washed up on tropical beach. Early effort in Photoshop The escape hole for the conrod that destroyed the block and two barrels. A later stage in rebuilding the engine. Setting up the timing. The 6 pistons that survived Tatra found in a scrap yard in Keighley by me and used for parts. How did it get there? Engine Bay after rebuild. The amazing floating Tatra. Tatra with the engine out, The engine is only attached to the car via the bellhousing by 4 small bolts The piston with the remains of the top end of the conrod still attached. Conrod broken and bent over!